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Forestry and Natural Resources

Devereux & Associates provides a full range of integrated,  cost effective, and professional Forestry and Natural Resource Based Services which include:  Detailed Management Plans, Design and Implementation of Customized Resource Inventories, Timber Sale Marketing, Timber Resource Appraisals, Harvest Administration and Planning, GPS Mapping and Data Collection, and Boundary Line Maintenance Services.

Geographic Information Systems

Devereux & Associates' GIS services and products include Customized Data Development, Data Conversions, and Professional GIS Project Coordination and Management Services.  We also provide specialized modeling techniques for DEM construction, Watershed Delineation, Watershed Drainage Analysis, Terrain and Bathymetric Modeling.

Image Processing

Devereux & Associates provides custom processing of Aerial Photography and Satellite Imagery:  Conversion of existing aerial photography to Digital Format, Georeferencing/Orthorectification, Seamless Image Mosaicing, Planimetric feature extraction, Advanced Analysis of Multi-Spectral Satellite Imagery.  

GPS Mapping

Devereux & Associates provides GPS Mapping and Data Collection services.  Collecting field data and ground based mapping information with global positioning systems, portable electronic data recorders, and field computers yields results which are quick and efficiently results which can be easily integrated with existing client databases and Geographic information systems. 

Local and Municipal Government

Devereux & Associates provides Cadastral Mapping, CAMA-GIS Integration, CADD Conversions, E9-1-1, Facilities Management, and a host of related services aimed at assisting tax assessors and public works departments. 

State and Federal Government

Devereux & Associates provides professional GIS support for property/facilities Inventory and Mapping, Project Consulting, and Fixed Asset Management (GASB 34).